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Welcome home! The colour of the landscape here in the North West Highlands has completely changed in the four weeks I have been away. How different to a week ago when ‘The Team’ had just topped out on Tangerine Trip.
We did it. But was it fun? The extreme heat wasn’t much fun, nobody enjoyed that. I think we all had our moments of fun and enjoyment. I can only speak for myself, I suppose, but I had a lot of laughs among great companions. I must admit to a wobbler at the top of pitch eight after four hours in the the sun hanging in my harness just waiting, waiting to see Aldo appear up the blue rope. But he did, eventually, and we carried on. Get one day over and then crack on with tomorrow when it appears. Climb up, fix ropes, haul bags, sort the ‘snake’s wedding’ of ropes and gear, get comfy on the portaledge and start all over again as the next day dawns. That’s Big Walling and it is hard work.

Aldo on the morning of Day Four on Tangerine Trip

I had the easy job, leading virtually the whole route. The climbing was fantastic, it is such a steep route most falls would be totally clean. I only took one and I didn’t even get an adrenaline rush from it, just the the work of having to re-aid the whole section that I had back-cleaned. But what about Ella, she did so well. Seven hundred metres of strenuous, vertical jumaring and no complaints, she just got on with it. As she did with all things toilet when needed despite anxiety beforehand on that one. There was stress, there were doubts, there was thirst and heat but it was great to see a wee thirteen year old waif dig so deep and show such determination. I am inspired and both happy and pleased to have been a part of such a great TRIP.
Remember SOHCAHTOA Ella?




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