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Sue Wood on Primo, 7b+ and Tess Freyer on a 7a+ link up starting up the Shield.

Big Walling in Yosemite doesn’t prepare anyone for Am Fasgadh. Three bolts long, Warm Up just about sums the place up; desperate, technical, fingery and thuggish all at once. It was the second line Colin and I bolted up all those years ago and dozens of ascents haven’t made it any more do-able, today I could only try in vain to send it. The usual suspects were there, there was no where else to go after three days of constant rain and more showers today despite a forecast of dry weather. Am Fasgadh is ‘the shelter’ to run to when the rest of Wester Ross is suffering moisture.

I will never forget the thrill of coming round the rise from Goat Crag and seeing it for the first time on a wet, exploration day seventeen years ago. I had found what I was looking for….the ultimate crag. It is still as much fun to be there as it always was when I thought I might get up some of the routes. The effort of trying must surely be good for my climbing?? There are fifteen routes there now, some great link-ups and a project. Room for more? Ian Taylor thinks so. One day he will girdle the crag along the Quartz Vein and that will be it, no more bolting required.


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