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The slopes of Ben More

The slopes of Ben More

The Pilgrim’s Way, an Adventure Show special with Cameron McNeish Walking from Iona in the Inner Hebrides to the East coast north of Inverness.

A few days ago I was on Mull working as ‘safety’ and  ‘geology advice’ with Triple Echo Productions filming the next Adventure Show Special which will be on the television this coming Christmas time. Two one hour long shows with working title The Pilgrims Way, they will follow Cameron McNeish walking across Scotland on his own Celtic pilgrimage from Iona to the East coast. On the way he will meet and interview various interesting people with something to add to the atmosphere of the programme.

On Ben More we were blessed with wonderful, changeable weather which visually makes great filming. We climbed to the summit via A’Chioch. This route involves a steep, narrow rocky ridge reminiscent of some of the Skye Cuillin Ridge which is not surprising since both places were huge shield volcanoes about 60 million years ago. This was the period in geological history when the Atlantic ocean we have today was created by the drifting apart of the European and North American plates, when the North West Highlands was separated from the Canadian Shield and left stuck onto Baltica (for now anyway!).

We had sun, snow flurries, swirling mist and sun again. Luckily as we got to the summit we were rewarded for our efforts by bluer than blue views. The blue of the sky and the blue of the sea. I was there once before, 24 years ago. That time I had my mountain bike with me, I remember it was very wet and murky and I was not in the mood for hanging around as I had a ferry back to Oban to catch. Cameron commented that this was fourth time lucky for him on getting a view.

All said, one of the most memorable things of the three days along with the weather, good company and hanging out with pal, cameraman and awesome runner, Dominic Scott, were the scones at the Pennyghael Cafe on the Ross of Mull. Cameron thought they were the best scones he had EVER had and he’s a man who’s had a few scones in his time.




Filming on the A'Chioch Ridge

Filming on the A’Chioch Ridge

The Summit of Ben More

The Summit of Ben More





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2 Responses to The Pilgrim’s Way

  1. Mark Burks says:

    My wife and I watched your show and we are very interested to know if there is an actual route to follow. If not, how we could replicate this walk. We both thoroughly enjoyed the programme , as we live very near to Portmahomack and although have visited the village , did not know about the pictish graveyards and their importance.

    best wishes
    Mark and Stella Burks.

    • gofurther says:

      Dear Mark and Stella,

      I guess you were trying to contact Cameron? It is Paul here, my role was outdoor safety for the crew during the filming of the programme. For more information on the actual route you would be better making enquiries to Cameron directly or the Adventure Show.
      Basically the route followed well established trails and paths through the mountains rather than over the mountain tops. However, like Cameron suggested in the film, diversions taking in some of the wonderful summits en route could easily be added.
      Hope you manage to follow up on the enthusiasm the programme left you with.


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