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Paul on Mac Talla, 7b, Goat Crag, Gruinard Bay

Paul on Mac Talla, 7b, Goat Crag, Gruinard Bay

The latest SMC Guidebook will soon be on the shelves. It should be available by the end of May according to Andy Nisbet. He ended up as the main driving force behind the guidebook and without him there was no way it would ever have been published. It has been about seven years in the making, or so it feels like. In Wester Ross there are new lines of bolts on existing crags and even whole new un-reported crags that didn’t make it into the guide, such is the pace of Sport climbing development and such is the nature of guidebook publishing. Andy is a living legend and when he asked me if I wanted my complimentary copy (due as author of the Wester Ross section) of the book signing, there was no question about it, ofcourse I did. I am sure it will open the eyes of a lot of climbers as to just how much Sport Climbing there is in Scotland. I can’t wait to see it.


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