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The Golden Karabiner

” and the winner of this year’s Golden Karabiner is…..”. Once again everyone had a lot of fun at the only Climbing Triathlon in the country. Competitors came from far and wide, Inverasdale, Newcastle, Gairloch, The Overside, Inverness, Dundonnell and even Melvaig. Saturday was a dry day up until about 5pm and by then we were all sitting around getting the craic, eating Margot’s ‘death by chocolate’ cake and finishing off BBQing a load of sausages. The crag had been bone dry, the Tollie path had been bone dry and the road had been quiet, perfect conditions. The new format of doing the rock climbing at Creag nan Luch first worked really well. It was a fierce, hard fought race for all involved and everyone made the effort. It was good to see a bunch of young, up and coming athletes starting to flex their muscles. If I do come out of retirement for next years event I can see the need for a few last minute rules kept up the sleeve to successfully retain the title once again. ’till then, train hard! Like I say, I never actually win this event, it is just that everyone else loses.  Paul


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