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Summer Navigation

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Good navigational skills are essential for safe mountain travel. Courses are tailor-made ranging from an introduction and grounding in sound, basic navigational techniques up to developing advanced skills. Believe it or not, navigation can be fun and works every time. The theory and mechanics of using a map and compass will become second nature only through real practice. The hills of Wester Ross offer many opportunities for practising navigation. A good level of fitness with hill walking experience preferable.

Dates by arrangement
One Person: £220
Two People: £115 Each
Three People or more: £80 Each


Winter Navigation

Walking on a bearing

Confident winter navigation is an absolutely essential skill for personal safety in the hills. Winter conditions bring with them an array of problems to be aware of and able to cope with. Winter navigation is not just about vaguely following a compass bearing, there is so much more involved and the need to get it right is often urgent. At gofurtherScotland our approach is to have a real day out in the hills whilst focusing on the skills and putting them in to practice. Good winter navigation, good winter skills, they are one and the same thing, you will learn both whilst out enjoying the hills. A good level of fitness and summer hill walking experience is essential. Clients must be fully equipped for winter conditions. Equipment list will be provided.

Dates by arrangement
One Person: £240
Two People: £125 Each
Three People or more: £90 Each

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