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adventure running

0K8A2692-Edit-Edit-EditAdventure Running – for runners who have some experience of running off-road and want to run in wilder areas but with less emphasis on the hills.

The glen and coastal trails of the Far North West offer a range of spectacular choices. We can use the long hill paths to explore some of the wildest and most remote areas of the UK. Other options include undulating coastal trails on the Coigach, Slaggan and Melvaig peninsulas.

Course options for individuals or groups

We also offer the following ‘off the peg’ course option to individuals or groups. The three days are complimentary but you can opt for one, two or three days for one or more people.

Our courses combine some of the best and wildest trails in the UK with training in the key tactics needed for running in wilder areas: navigation, route finding and gear choice. We’ll also cover skills needed for all types of terrain – including easy trails, trackless hillside and coastal running.

During the three days we’ll also cover some of tactics needed for fuelling correctly, staying hydrated, basic first-aid and the best ways to cope when conditions are hot or cold. 

Day 1 – Running Skills

A 5 to 10 mile run (or a distance of your choice) in a wild and varied area. We’ll take time to cover key skills for difficult terrain and tactics for technical ground. We’ll spend plenty of time talking about gear choice, route choice and running technique and finish the day with an easy run down a beautiful track.

Day 2 – Navigation Skills

Easy running and walking while practising the essential navigation skills necessary for running in wilder areas. We’ll aim to take your confidence to the next level so you can be more independent so you can tackle more ambitious routes in wilder areas.

Day 3 – Route Choice and Long Run

On the final day we’ll tackle a long run on a coastal peninsula or on a remote trail in the Fisherfield, Torridon or Coigach areas in the North West Highlands. We’ll be out for at least six hours combining walking with running and lots of discussion about the tactics and techniques needed for wilder trails. The day will include plenty of breaks for rest and refuelling. Most importantly, the route will take us through (and over) some of the most spectacular (and remote) scenery in the UK.

Before we offer any route options we’ll talk to you about your objectives and experience and tailor the day to your needs.

Maximum guiding ratio: 1:3
Dates: by arrangement
(or see Training Camps for scheduled courses)
1 Person Per day – £220
2 People Per day – £115 Each
3 People Per day – £80 Each



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