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Guided Winter Mountain Walking in the North West

The Scottish mountains in winter are spectacular. Being guided will give you valuable winter experience and the opportunity to pick up helpful tips about winter travel in the hills.



Winter adds another dimension to days on the mountains. With snow on the hills and the sun low in the sky, the views are spectacular. There is also something very special about the combination of coastal scenery and steep, snow covered mountains in Wester Ross.

Walking in winter on the An Teallach Ridge

Walking in winter on the An Teallach Ridge

gofurtherScotland does not advertise ‘winter skills’ courses as such. We prefer to take the opportunity of passing on skills in a day out of real mountain walking rather than ‘playing’ all day on a convenient patch of snow.

See our page on navigation skills in winter.

Winter days and winter conditions on the mountains of Wester Ross, like An Teallach, Slioch and those in Torridon such as Liathach and Beinn Eighe are truly memorable.



Summer hill walking experience is essential, along with a high level of fitness and stamina to cope with the often harsh and varied conditions.

Clients must be fully equipped for winter conditions. An equipment list will be provided.

Dates by arrangement
One Person: £220
Two People: £120 Each
Three People or more: £90 Each

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