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gofurther’s Paul and Angela organised the third Tollaidh Triathlon last week. The country’s most unusual triathlon combines a 5 mile hill run with a 16 mile bike ride. After that, all the entrants had to complete at least one roped climb at Creag Nan Luch – one of Scotland’s best sport climbing venues. Combined personal times for the run and cycle were reduced depending on the hardest grade climbed by the competitor in under 5 minutes. Competitors were asked to complete their climbs as soon as they finished the bike leg.


The weather this year was cold, windy and overcast – but dry for around 25 participants and the many other who came to watch and help out. Title holder Andrew Wilby was unable to do the full event but at the end of the gruelling run/bike/climb the title passed to his brother – David Wilby who had an adjusted time of 1:22.


As usual, the event had a great atmosphere and a number of fantastic performances including a remarkable leg by 13-year-old Daniel Harrison (pictured below) who completed the run in just 47 minutes. Andrew Wilby completed the run in first place at 41 minutes just a few seconds in front of David Wilby and Gaz Marshall. go further’s Paul Tattersall completed the hardest climb of the day – the 6c classic Toss. Rich Betts narrowly missed the chance to get on the podium after a heroic effort on Super-Blue (7b) with his second climb attempt. Carol Bulmer, Fiona Johnston and Angela Tattersall came first in the team event with an adjusted time of 1:45.


Special mention here to local climbers Jonathan Petrie and Stewart Pickering (pictured below) who have virtually no experience in hill-running or cycling but made it to the crag and still managed to attempt a climb.


2011 Tollaidh Triathlon Results
Grade of Climb Completed and Adjusted Time

1st – David Wilby – 6a+ – 1:22

2nd – Paul Tattersall – 6c – 1:24
3rd – Gaz Marshall – 6b – 1:26
4th – Colin Meek – 6b+ – 1:41
5th – James Karran – 6b – 1:48
6th – Jim James – 6a+ – 1:55
7th – Conor Brown 6a+ – 2:33
Craig Wallet also completed the triathlon.
Individual competitors who also finished the run/bike included Rich Betts, Jonathan Petrie and Stewart  Pickering. 

Teams included:
Carol Bulmer, Fiona Johnston and Angela Tattersall – 6b – 1:45
Nick and Amy Carter (pictured below with daughter Lilly) – 6a+ – 1:52
Rachel and Daniel Harrison – Top Rope Completion – 1:53


Others who took part in one or more legs included:
Andrew Wilby, Claire Hayden, Clare Chan, Lorraine Matheson and Jordan and Luke Gorman. 

Triathlon 2010 results:
(Last year’s event allowed all competitors to rest before completing climbs). 

Andrew Wilby – 7a/7b – 1:01

David Wilby – 6b – 1:14
Paul Tattersall – 6b/6c – 1:18


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2 Responses to Tollaidh Triathlon 2011 Results

  1. Graham Arthur says:

    Will there be a Tollaidh Triathlon in 2013?
    Has the link to all the photos been broken (folder moved or renamed…)?

    We live in Kishorn. Ray Wilby told me about this event at the Cioch Mhor on Saturday.

    • gofurther says:

      Hi Graham,
      Yes the Tollaidh Triathlon is happening again this year – here are the details.
      Tollaidh Triathlon Saturday 20th April
      Registration 10.30hrs
      Race starts 11.00hrs

      Same course as always. Meet at Tollaidh. 8km hill run, road bike ride 20kms back to the start, climb a route on Creag nan Luch to finish (It needs to be a lead if you want to be placed in the overall rankings. There will be a chance to do a top-rope to be able to complete the event, for those who don’t want to lead.). If you need any more details get in touch.
      Drop bikes at Slattadale from 10.00hrs
      Spread the word, bring a friend, bring some food for hangin’ out afterwards.
      Any helpers/marshals/time keepers welcome.
      If you have any questions ask Paul using the gofurther contact email address.
      Hope to see you there.

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